Sag Harbor, New York ​

The barn on this old property was sited on an upward incline of a hill, which almost always makes for opportunities in garden design. In this case, the grounds were enhanced by stone terracing that came to outline—and hold up—the perennial garden bed. A Wade blue tuteur anchors the garden, which is planted in the jewel tones of fuchsia pink, lavenders, and powder blue. As the property rises, taller shrubs, trees and flowers--including New York ironweed, pink and white lespedeza, Rose of Sharon and Joe Pye weed - tower above the plants below.


The property also includes an ornamental kitchen garden, backed by an espalier of apples that is establishing itself along a fence. Nearby a wildflower garden was laid out under an ancient mulberry tree. In early spring, daffodils, Virginia bluebells and primulas sprawl out beneath it until a field of ox-eyed daisies take over in June. By late summer the seasonal display concludes with snakeroot, asters, and monkshood poking out above the remains of the daisies concluding the three-season performance.