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Donna Dorian

Founder - Farmette Designs

Donna Dorian, the founder of Farmette Designs, has been gardening for more than thirty years. During that time, she earned her certificates as a Master Gardener and in gardening at The New York Botanical Garden and contributed articles on garden design for many magazines including Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Traditional Homes and Southern Accents. In 2001 she became the style and then the features editor of Garden Design magazine, which provided her the opportunity to travel the globe looking at and writing about gardens. In 2018 she turned her attentions to gardening full time and incorporated her company, Farmette Designs, which is based on Sag Harbor, New York and New York City.​ Her house and garden have been featured in magazines and TV specials, and her garden has been included on  many garden tours.


Our Philosophy: We all have within us a need to create beauty, and we all can in a garden, however small. While gardeners are often moved to create something beautiful, gardens serve all sorts of functions depending on one’s point of view— the potager is a source of one’s own organic food; wildflower and perennial gardens create havens for bees and butterflies and birds.


“Gardens are for strawberries, a child might say; gardens are the setting for garden parties, says the hostess, for the poet… a place for grasping the intangible.

In the twenty-first century we embrace all the above as we broaden our reach.  Over the last two and half decades, just as there has been an evolution in our thinking about food, gardening has undergone tremendous transformations. When we plan our gardens now we consider the need to rejuvenate the soil, encourage biodiversity, conserve water and energy and preserve our native plants for the future.  In turn, these new imperatives have brought about a new American garden.


Using strictly organic products and specifying an abundant quantity of native plants, shrubs and trees, the philosophy of Farmette Designs is to create stunning, sustainable gardens that will bring health and vitality to the earth and benefit the local wildlife.  Our goal is to maintain a small, hands-on reputable company that will educate our clients on good gardening practices and how to become good stewards of the earth.


We also acknowledge the importance of gardens in enhancing the experience of outdoor living. We strive to aid our clients in the creation of ideal outdoor living spaces, where they can dine and work and indulge themselves in the joy of their natural surroundings.

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